This website is a resource for the designers of computer-based technologies for the domestic environment. It provides an evolving corpus of empirical patterns of technology usage in the home, which may be used to think about and to ground design in the practical day-to-day circumstances that make up domestic life.


You may access the patterns in three ways. 1) You can browse by using the patterns log, which groups patterns of technology usage around routine domestic activities in the home. 2) By using the patterns index, which groups patterns around specific technologies used in particular sub-environments in the home. 3) by following the links embedded in the patterns themselves. Links are located in two places in the patterns: at the beginning, where they connect to other patterns occurring in the same domestic routine, and at the end of the pattern, where they connect to other patterns using the same technologies. The title of each pattern is linked to the video sequence from which the pattern is derived. This allows you to inspect real world events in the home for yourself and extract your own findings.